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Michigan State Police Rolls Out New Officer Scheduling App

Online scheduling software assists statewide law enforcement operation.

Charlotte - Michigan, June 12, 2017

Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. has announced that Michigan State Police has implemented ScheduleAnywhere as their new method for scheduling state police.


The Michigan State Police has 30 posts across the state. In the past, each post printed and hung a hard copy of the schedule, which was created in a spreadsheet. Changes were handwritten on the hard copy. In 2011, when the police department consolidated posts, officers were reporting to different detachments, while the schedule remained in the main post. This caused confusion as officers would make unofficial changes or neglect to write in the changes. In addition, they lacked the ability to see the schedule at multiple worksites.


After realizing they needed to make a change to the scheduling system, Michigan State Police did a pilot test program of ScheduleAnywhere at their State Police Post in Gaylord, Michigan. When the initial pilot program was successful, Michigan State Police rolled ScheduleAnywhere out to six more posts, which unanimously voiced their support for the program. Michigan State Police is now training and fully implementing ScheduleAnywhere across the state. The response from officers thus far has been very positive.


"ScheduleAnywhere has been a great system to use and has truly improved our scheduling efficiency. Personnel can see the schedule from their in-car computers, on their smartphones, on work computers, home computers, etc. Instead of having to drive to a post to view the schedule, it can be viewed from anywhere with an Internet connection," said Kevin Sweeney, Lakeview Post Commander. "The system is very easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to understand," Sweeney commented.


What is ScheduleAnywhere?

ScheduleAnywhere is online employee scheduling software from Atlas Business Solutions. This Software as a Service (SaaS) works for any business that schedules shifts, including healthcare, public safety, energy, government, retail and business services. The software ensures proper shift coverage, eliminates scheduling conflicts, manages shift rotations, tracks time-off and hours scheduled, handles staff availability and time-off requests, tracks skills and certifications, and estimates payroll costs. ScheduleAnywhere is used by thousands of managers and businesses daily to streamline the employee scheduling process. Free trial accounts are available and pricing is based on the number of employees scheduled. For more information, please visit


About Michigan State Police

The mission of the Michigan State Police is to provide the highest quality law enforcement and public safety services throughout Michigan. The department began as a temporary emergency force during World War I. In 1917, it became permanent and today it operates with 30 posts across the state. The department is mobile, flexible and responsive to emerging public safety needs. For more information, please visit


About Atlas Business Solutions

Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. is a leading developer of easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and affordable business management software. Founded in 1991, the company is recognized as an industry leader in employee scheduling software and was named as one of Software Magazine's Top 500 Software Companies in 2004 through 2007, 2010, 2013 and again in 2014.


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