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Lifetime Factory METAL-TEC Training Certification Now Available!

METAL-TEC Factory Training & Certification Correspondence Course

Wake Forest - North Carolina, June 12, 2017

Whether you have been certified in the past or you would like to become a METAL-TEC Certified trainer for your department or agency, now is your opportunity to receive a Lifetime Certification. Become a certified trainer to properly train within your agency or department in the proper implementation & use of the METAL-TEC.

Order your correspondence course package which includes a video on CD, workbook, final exam, and upon successful completion of the course you will receive your Lifetime Trainer's Certificate. You can order the complete correspondence course for only $99, and complete this open book course at your leisure.

This course is exclusively for Law Enforcement, Government, Military, Corrections & Security Trainers wishing to implement METAL-TEC within their department or agency, join the over 3,550 trainers already certified.

Each person who completes the correspondence training course and returns the exam with a 70% or better grade will become certified by the factory to train the members of their department or agency. Training will cover how to incorporate the METAL-TEC into your SOP standards for hand searches, allowing you to conduct a more thorough search for concealed weapons on subjects in the field. This course will help you learn to improve officer safety, and reduce liability by implementing the METAL-TEC. Now each officer in your department can conduct a more thorough search for weapons on subjects in the field.

Topics Covered:
• Determining the density of metallic objects being detected (is it a gun, knife or razor blade)
• Determining the metal object's shape and size to help identify the object's threat level
• How to pinpoint the location of metal objects once detected
• How officers can effectively search opposite sex and juvenile subjects using minimal contact
• Locate weapons concealed behind smaller metal objects found in clothing (such as zippers and bra wires)
• How to locate nonmetallic objects using probing and tapping techniques
• Addressing the Issues of the " Terry Pat Down "
• How to eject objects out of subject's pockets using the METAL-TEC
• Proper testing and utilization of the METAL-TEC
• Proper maintenance and battery replacement
• Proper implementation of the vehicle mounting kit and belt-worn holster

The Correspondence Course Includes:
• Training video on SVCD
• Complete training curriculum manual
• Course Final Exam
• Upon satisfactory completion of the Course, a LIFETIME Trainer's certificate will be issued.

Note: All course materials (Manual, Disc and the Officer's test included in the manual) can be duplicated and used as part of your in-house training curriculum at no additional cost for in-house officers training.

One-time Correspondence Course Fee: $99.00 per Trainer

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