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Hartford Wisconsin Police Department Deploys Staff Scheduling App

ScheduleAnywhere gives officers real-time access to shift schedules

Hartford - WI, January 15, 2018

Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. announces that Hartford Police Department in Hartford, Wisconsin has implemented ScheduleAnywhere as its officer scheduling app

Prior to deploying ScheduleAnywhere, the Hartford Police Department used PC-based employee scheduling software. There were limitations to this software that made it difficult to consistently display an updated schedule. Staff had to rely on a paper copy of the generated schedule to see when they had to show up for their shifts. This caused confusion among the staff and officers.

One of the core drawbacks to printing the schedule was that the officers and staff had to be in the police department to see the schedule. If something changed while they were off duty or off work, they wouldn't know about it until they came into the department the next day.

Another big drawback was that the printed schedule wasn't always the most up-to-date. If a change was made in the software but the schedule hadn't been re-printed yet, the posted schedule became outdated and inaccurate, leading to confusion any time a change was made.

The Hartford Police Department knew they needed to make a change, so they started the test phase with Atlas Business Solutions, Inc.'s ScheduleAnywhere. The test phase was so successful that only a month later, they chose to implement the new scheduling method department-wide.

"ScheduleAnywhere has improved the way our department schedules staff in that we can do it from virtually anywhere and make immediate changes," said Administrative Lieutenant Scott MacFarlan.

When a change is made, it is immediately seen by everyone in the patrol. Staff can login to the app from anywhere to see their schedules, giving them greater control over their personal and professional lives.


Jonathan Forknell