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  • Aerial Platform Course

    Storm Mountain Training Center -- Aerial Platform Course  This program of instruction utilizes classroom, demonstrations and practical application which will allow the student to achieve high levels of accuracy from hoveri...more

  • Lifeloc's FC Series - The Officer's Choice for Alcohol Testing

    Lifeloc Technologies -- Lifeloc's FC Series devices conduct passive testing and measure Blood Alcohol Content rapidly. Test response time is less than 10 seconds; recovery is less than 30 seconds. Alcohol curve displa...more

  • Simple, Fast and Now only $1,075 until the end of the Year!

    Micro Direct Inc (MD Spiro) -- With the MicroCO from Micro Direct, firefighters can measure their carbon monoxide levels, easily, quickly and inexpensively right on the scene thus preventing possible long term cardiac and/or neu...more

  • Scott CBRN AP50 2002 Spec.

    Dalmatian Fire Equipment Inc -- The AP50 CBRN 4500 psi SCBA provides CBRN protection - chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear. It features an ergonomic fit with wrap around hip wings for added comfort, and a Kevlar harness...more

  • SpeedCapture Smartphone App and TruSpeed Sxb Laser

    Laser Technology, Inc. -- LTI announces updates to the LaserSoft SpeedCapture App for Android operating systems. SpeedCapture works with the TruSpeed Sxb laser, allowing for photo evidence collection at an affordable price....more

  • TabCruzer® For Getac T800 8.1-inch Tablet Computer

    Gamber-Johnson -- The TabCruzer docking station for the Getac T800 8.1-inch rugged tablet is designed for use in a highly mobile environment and is the perfect solution for the mobile worker in the warehousing, serv...more

  • TabCruzer® For Getac F110 11.6-inch Tablet Computer

    Gamber-Johnson -- The TabCruzer® F110 docking station is designed specifically for the Getac F110 rugged 11.6-inch tablet computer. It's compact design & shallow depth make it perfect for mounting close to the instr...more

  • Updated Cooper Fitness Norms & Assessments and Training

    The Cooper Institute -- Cooper Institute Physical Fitness Assessments and Norms for Law Enforcement updates include:  Updated First Responders' fitness levels Additional information on Americans with Di...more

  • Free Fitness Standards FAQ Download

    The Cooper Institute -- Choosing fitness standards for an agency to ensure members are fit for duty can be a difficult decision. While it is ultimately up to each agency to create their own fitness policy, The Cooper Inst...more

  • LTI Crash Mapping Equipment Revolutionizing Industry

    Laser Technology, Inc. -- Crash mapping has never been so efficient. By utilizing the power of reflectorless technology, users can make measurements to vehicles or surrounding landmarks without a 2nd person holding a prism ...more

  • Danko 2,000 Gallon Dryside Tanker

    Danko Emergency Equipment -- ...more

  • Rapid Breath Alcohol Testing and Training Tools

    Lifeloc Technologies -- Lifeloc’s breath alcohol testers make it fast, easy and cost effective to screen for alcohol. The FC5 Hornet’s passive testing is ideal for high volume “pass” or “fail...more

  • Scott AP50

    Dalmatian Fire Equipment Inc -- The Scott AP50 is built around a low profile, one-piece backframe. The AP50 features an ergonomic fit and includes standard padding, as well as wrap around hip wings for added comfort, and a Kevlar...more

  • The Mini CrimeScope Advance: Tactical Bag

    SPEX Forensics / HORIBA Instruments Incorporated -- The Mini-CrimeScope Advance is the brightest and most versatile forensic light source with 15 wavelengths, all within a single handheld filter wheel-mounted at the working end of the liquid light g...more

  • New LTI Sxb Speed Laser & SpeedCapture App

    Laser Technology, Inc. -- LTI’s latest laser speed device, the TruSpeed Sxb, offers a 7-power magnified scope for speeding and distractive driving enforcement. Combine that with our new smartphone app, LaserSoft Speed...more

  • Ductless Fume Hoods keep you safe from toxic chemicals

    Erlab Inc -- An Erlab ductless fume hood can improve the safety of personnel and processes performed in forensic labs and law enforcement facilities. Toxic fumes and noxious odors may pose risks to personnel an...more

  • Lifeloc’s SENTINEL™ – Rapid, Automated Zero Tolerance Screening of Large Populations

    Lifeloc Technologies -- Lifeloc’s SENTINEL™ Alcohol Screening System provides automated “zero tolerance” breath testing of large populations. No operator required. A color LCD screen with internati...more

  • Continental ExpressWash Washers & ExpressDry Gear Dryers

    Continental Girbau Inc -- Dirty gear is dangerous. Protect firefighters by promptly and properly washing turnout gear in a Continental ExpressWash™ Washer. The highly programmable washer is engineered to clean protect...more

  • TabCruzer® For Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 Tablet Computer

    Gamber-Johnson -- The Toughpad FZ-G1 Tablet Computer vehicle docking station is designed to minimize the overall footprint of the FZ-M1 solution making the FZ-M1 the perfect mobile computer solution. A push and turn...more

  • Storm Mountain Training Center

    Storm Mountain Training Center -- 15% Discount - Any firearms training course in May, June and July, 2014!  Call the office and mention this ad to receive your discount.  ...more

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  • Displaying 1-20 of 37 Product Specials