National Public Safety Information Bureau

National Public Safety Information Bureau

Our mission is to provide the most accurate contact information possible for professionals serving the nation's public safety community.

History: Dedicated to the nation's public safety community.

In 1964 Ed Wyrick, publisher and editor of Wisconsin Sheriffs Magazine, recognized the need for law enforcement professionals to quickly identify each other nationwide. He published a list of police departments with current chiefs' names, addresses and phone numbers. That list became the first edition of the National Directory of Law Enforcement Administrators®.

When Mr. Wyrick retired in 1988, a group of close associates purchased the National Directory database and formed the National Public Safety Information Bureau(NPSIB). Today, The Bureau publishes several national public safety publications that each fill a unique information need for public safety professionals - local, state and federal. This information and data is delivered to customers in a variety of formats including: print directories, custom labels and online databases.

National Public Safety Information Bureau gathers, verifies, updates, and manages all the data for our publications. Every data entry is 100% updated annually through personal contact with our staff for maximum accuracy and accountability. This data is exclusive to our Bureau and is not sold through list brokers or other publications. The future for NPSIB lies in our ability offer vital contact information that is highly accurate and accessible through a variety of communication technologies. To that end, we continue to develop new publications and information services to best serve today's public safety professionals.


National Directory of Law Enforcement Administrators®
National Directory of Fire Chiefs and EMS Administrators®
National Directory of County Emergency Management Agencies (CEMA)
National Directory of Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP)
National Directory of Public Health Administrators

Public Safety Mailing Lists and Databases

Law Enforcement Administrators
Fire Chiefs and EMS Administrators
Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG)
Correctional Institutions and Agencies
County Emergency Management Agencies (CEMA)
Public Health Administrators
Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP)


President - Steve Cywinski
VP Information Services - Ronald Tippel
VP Data Procurement - Laura Gross
Data Procurement Specialist - Kimmy Moua

Sales Team:

Account Manager - John Diser
Senior Account Manager - Mark Peel