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National Directory of Law Enforcement Administrators - Local | State | Federal

5 Leading National Directories for Public Safety Professionals

The most accurate, comprehensive and in-depth contact information compiled for U.S. law enforcement, fire and EMS departments. Each listing is 100% updated annually through personal contact with The Bureau. These directories and the data they contain are not available through other sources.

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National Directory of Law Enforcement Administrators

Available in Print and Online

Over 39,000 listings. The most comprehensive contact information available for local, state and federal law enforcement. ONLINE and in PRINT. Includes nearly every law enforcement agency and department in the nation!

"... I would be lost without it."
Mecklenberg County Sheriff, Charlotte, NC


National Directory of Fire Chiefs and EMS Administrators

 Available ONLY Online

Over 36,000 listings. Includes nearly every fire and EMS department in the U.S. Departments are listed state-by-state with names, titles, addresses, county, phone, fax, and demographics! More in-depth department profile information than from any other source. ONLINE and in PRINT.

"... the National Directory is the only resource that I access regularly to reach other departments."
Fire Chief, Rochester, MN


National Directory of County Emergency Management Agencies (CEMA)

Available ONLY Online

Over 3,700 CEMA listings. Complete contact information for virtually every Emergency Management Director and Coordinator. Effectively reach these administrators in the homeland security chain of command.


National Directory of Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP)

Available ONLY online

Nearly 5,000 PSAP listings. These hard-to-find contacts are now available online in this unique National Directory. This resource will give you the ability to reach those responsible for managing 911 dispatch centers.


National Directory of Public Health Administrators

Available ONLY Online

Over 2000 Public Health Officers, County Nurses, and others who coordinate public health preparations and emergency actions including immunizations, public health education, and disease control.


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