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National Directory of Fire Chiefs and EMS Administrators, Fire Chief Mailing List, EMS mailing list

National Directory of Fire Chiefs and EMS Administrators

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Nation's #1 Directory of contact information for FIRE and EMS professionals! Online or Database versions available!!

Detailed Fire and EMS contact information for your local area, your state and the nation. Comprehensive department profiles ... includes financial structure, department type , EMT level, transport capabilities, rescue capabilities and demographics! Over 36,000 names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, and vital department statistics. Information is organized and formatted especially for public safety professionals.

100% of our database is updated annually. Data verifications are continuous year-round. We verify every entry personally, through direct contact-just like you would yourself.

Directory updates in the last year:

  • 6,002 new contact names
  • 1,923 address changes
  • 1,932 phone changes
  • 1,006 fax changes

Listings include:

  • Chief's or Administrator's Name
  • Title
  • Department Name
  • Physical Address
  • County
  • Administrative Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Financial Structure (municipal, county, district, independent)
  • Department Type (paid, volunteer, combination)
  • EMT Level
  • Transport (Air and Ambulance)
  • Rescue Capabilities (Water Rescue, HazMat, Heavy Rescue and more)
  • Demographic Data (Population Served, Number of Emergency Personnel, and Number of Firefighters)

Who needs a National Directory?

  • Fire Chiefs and their staff
  • Administrative assistants
  • Personnel
  • Firefighters
  • State and local government agencies

Cut time spent on 100s of everyday tasks:

  • Contact Departments similar to your own
  • Research salary contracts
  • Share training sessions
  • Share planning and budget information with other departments

Directory Includes:

  • Fire Departments
    • Paid Departments
    • Volunteer Departments
    • Combination Departments
  • Emergency Departments
    • Paid Departments
    • Volunteer Departments
    • Combination Departments
  • Airport & Harbor Fire/Emergency Departments
  • Fire & Emergency Training Facilities
  • State Fire Marshals
  • State EMS Directors
  • State Organizations & Associations
  • National Organizations & Associations

What Departments Say About THE National Directory...

"Other than the telephone directory, the National Directory of Fire Chiefs and EMS Administrators is the only resource document that I keep in my desk drawer. I find that I use the directory on almost a daily basis .... As a fire chief staying in touch with my peers around the state, networking around the country, or just needing to do some quick research on other communities, it is an invaluable resource."
Chief Kapler, Fire Chief, Rochester, MN

"Our department utilizes this resource in many ways ... it is great to have this information at our fingertips ...Thank you to whoever puts all the hard work into this book."
Jamie H. Steele, Fire Chief, Hendersonville, TN

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The Complete National Directory is only available ONLINE.

The online version allows web access to the national database of fire and EMS contact information: names, titles, physical addresses, phone, fax, and even department demographics! Perform customized online searches with the user-friendly search feature. The online directory is intended for read-only use and CANNOT be downloaded from our site. Custom lists and mailing data are available through us. Please see the Lists and Databases section of our site.