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Investigative Strategies for Missing and Abducted Children

Monday, August 6, 2012 - Thursday, August 9, 2012

Austin, TX

Investigative Strategies for Missing and Abducted Children (ISMAC)

This course is designed to provide law enforcement investigators and investigative supervisors with the information necessary to properly understand, recognize, and investigate cases involving missing and abducted children. Participants will get an overview covering scope and scale issues related to missing and abducted children as well as available resources. Participants will become familiar with how to manage a missing or abducted child case including initial response as well as an overview of interviewing and interrogation techniques. The course then delves deeper as participants explore crime scene evidence collection and processing, profiling suspects, and legal issues including search warrants and interrogation related to a missing or abducted child.

Length of program is 4 days.

Target audience: Attendance should be investigative personnel for law enforcement and other government-related child protection agencies.


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