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Ping4 Inc

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Ping4 is the revolutionary mobile communications solution for alerting citizens to dangers and emergencies wherever they are in the world. Through our patent-pending hyperlocal geofencing technology, Ping4 enables law enforcement and public safety agencies to send highly targeted, instant multimedia alerts to iPhone and Android devices to notify citizens to situations and events happening at the very moment and location those citizens happen to be.

Public safety agencies login to the secure web-based Ping4 Alerts Center to quickly create and “broadcast” geofenced alerts anywhere in their jurisdiction, simply by drawing a box on a map.

Any Ping4 user within or entering that defined location will be notified via an attention-getting audio alert or customized voice message and “pop-up” text with links to further instructions, directions, images, video, whatever you need to inform and protect your citizens.

Use Ping4 for:
• Missing children
• Severe weather
• Fast-moving emergency situations
• High-crime areas
• Road closures
• Parades, fairs, and special events
• Communication with seasonal visitors
• Whenever and wherever your community needs information

Ping4 is a low-cost, must-have addition to your existing notification systems for reaching our increasingly mobile and transient populations.

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