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Laser Technology, Inc.

6912 South Quentin Street
Centennial CO 80112

Since 1986, LTI has delivered the most reliable and versatile reflectorless laser measurement devices on the market, emerging as pioneers in the traffic safety industry. Offering a full range of LIDAR solutions for speed enforcement, crash scene mapping, handheld photo/video traffic enforcement and much more, LTI’s products are used around the world.

The TruSpeed® Sxb, offers a 7X-power magnified scope that can be used to witness speeding and distracted driving. Combine it with our smartphone app, LaserSoft® SpeedCapture, for a complete traffic enforcement system that can capture and save photos for indisputable evidence.

As the first incident mapping software for Android, QuickMap 3D® (QM3D) will improve workflow, eliminate mistakes and increase flexibility. With remote fire, built-in help, Auto Description function, and ability to re-shoot points, QM3D has never been simpler.

Combine QM3D with LTI’s new survey-grade laser, the TruPoint 300 for a compact, lightweight and affordable mapping system. The TruPoint 300 produces millimeter-grade accuracy, delivers ultimate precision in tight spaces and measures distance, inclination and horizontal angles for X, Y and Z measurements.

Guarantee a complete chain of evidence with the TruCAM®, the most sophisticated speed enforcement tool available. Nothing can compare to the TruCAM's compact size, courtroom reliability and functionality.

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