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RescueONE Connector Boats

4500 Highway 77
Southside AL 35907

Since 1992, RescueONE® brand Connector Boats® have been THE choice of fire, rescue, and law enforcement professionals for water ops. The design of the RescueONE® boats allows them to connect to any other RescueONE® Connector Boat® in the world. This unique capability enables endless possibilities for several teams in mutual aid operations.

When multiple Rescue One boats are connected together, the capacity and stability of the working platform increases exponentially. 

Today, the RescueONE® Connector Boat® system with it’s newest innovations, is the most versatile and affordable water access system available to fire/rescue and law enforcement personnel. Thousands of first responders worldwide can’t be wrong.

Tell us what you need and we’ll make it AND make it affordable.

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