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Torfino Enterprises Inc

12520 Capital Blvd Ste #401-112
Wake Forest NC 27587

METAL-TEC TE-1400 manufactured by Torfino Enterprises, Inc.

The original compact silent vibrating metal detector designed for law enforcement. Allows the user to pinpoint the physical location of an object and determine it's threat level based on the objects shape and size.

Currently being used by the US Military, Homeland Security, Federal Prisons, International Military Agencies, Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Jails,Correctional Facilities, Schools, Hospitals, and many more.

Isn’t it time you implemented the METAL-TEC in your department?

The METAL-TEC TE-1400 can assist in locating with pinpoint accuracy, metal objects which may have been otherwise overlooked. The METAL-TEC TE-1400 requires only one hand for operation, it can be held between the fore finger and the thumb freeing up the other fingers during a search or frisking of the subject. The METAL-TEC TE-1400 can find a metal object, and pinpoint its location without the need for a constant sweeping motion. There is no adjustment necessary on the unit, sensitivity is factory preset and automatically compensates for temperature changes which may affect sensitivity. Included is a heavy duty Polypropylene holster and vehicle mounting kit, this allows the officer to switch between carrying it on the belt or vehicle mounting for easy access. METAL-TEC TE-1400 is manufactured in the United States of America.

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