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Air Vacuum Corporation

PO Box 517
Dover NH 03821

Breathe Clean Air 
For 25 years Air Vacuum Corporation has been protecting first responders worldwide by automatically removing diesel carcinogens from fire stations and EMS facilities with its custom designed engine exhaust removal system, AIRVAC 911®. 

Control the spread of hazardous contaminants in your station with AIRVAC 911®.
Our system protects 100% of the apparatus bay area by constantly monitoring and removing exhaust and particulate matter from your station.

Mitigate Hot Zones, address off-gassing and counter secondary pollutants (e.g. chainsaws, generators and lawn equipment). No hoses, no vehicle attachments, no building modifications and no interference with daily operations or emergency response time. A sophisticated UL certfiied "Smart Timer" control panel automatically activates the systemto constantly removing particulate and gases 24/7. 

Eliminate "Engine Exhaust Backwash", Hot Zones
AIRVAC 911® is the only system to remove engine exhaust that re-enters the building when vehicles depart and return. It also eliminates Hot Zones within your station and removes off-gassing of turnout gear, hoses and parked vehicles. 

Made in the USA. Manufactured and distributed by Air Vacuum Corporation. Meets NFPA 1500, OSHA, IBOCA, EPA, GSA Standards. 

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