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MagneGrip Group

11449 Deerfield Road
Cincinnati OH 45242

100% Effective Exhaust Capture, Guaranteed!

Firefighter health is a top priority. MagneGrip Group manufactures air-cleaning systems to eliminate exhaust fumes and other airborne contaminants that pose critical health risks. 

  • MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems use flexible hoses that connect directly to vehicle tailpipes. These “source-capture” systems provide automatic activation and release as vehicles exit. With higher vehicle exhaust temperatures, the lower hose is rated to 1,000°F.
  • MagneGrip Group also manufactures AirHAWK Air Purification Systems, with ceiling-mounted air filtration units positioned to eliminate contamination. Units are available for bays, turnout rooms, living spaces and offices.

MagneGrip and AirHAWK systems can be used separately or combined for the most effective protection possible. The MagneGrip/AirHAWK combination removes 100 percent of the harmful gases and particulate from diesel exhaust emissions, as well as off-gases from post-fire contaminants that cling to vehicles, turnout gear and equipment.

For more information contact MagneGrip at 800-875-5440, or

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