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8201 Peters Rd Ste 1000
Ft Lauderdale FL 33324

RHOTHETA designs and manufactures professional Radio Direction Finding (RDF) systems for Air-Traffic-Control, Search-And-Rescue, and Vessel-Traffic-Services applications. RHOTHETA RDFs enjoy great reputation with SAR and public safety operators engaged in asset recovery and personnel rescue operations. RDFs are installed on air, land, and sea platforms: fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, drones, boats, vehicles, towers, and manpacks. RHOTHETA RDFs feature detection, homing, decoding and location of radio transmissions in the 118 to 470 MHz range, including MOB, GMDSS, ELT, PLB, EPIRB, COSPAS-SARSAT™, LoJack™, ETS™, and other V-UHF AM/FM/PM/CW emitters. 600+ RHOTHETA RDFs operate in the US alone, including the world's lightest DF sensor at 2.85 lbs, used by UAS/drone operators and integrators. Our facilities in Ft Lauderdale FL offer full service capabilities for all RHOTHETA products. For more info visit or call (954) 495-8700.

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Rhotheta International, Helping Airborne Public Safety Find Its Targets, June 27, 2019
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Rhotheta International, RT-600-L RDF: Helping Airborne Public Safety Find Its Targets, June 26, 2019

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