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Battle Rifle Company

17313 El Camino Real
Houston TX 77058

Custom built rifles to meet the needs of your ever changing tactical environment

Rifles for every aspect of your Department

·        PDW/Asset protection

·        SWAT

·        Patrol

·        Motors

·        Maritime Security/Marine Ops

·        Counter Sniper Ops

·        Sniper Ops

·        Vehicular Weapons Solutions

We offer complete solutions for your Departments Rifle needs- from 1 to 1000 officers

·        Complete Maintenance Programs

·        Rifle Upgrade Programs

·        Armorers Training

·        1033 Upgrades

·        Carbine Instruction

·        Individual Officer Purchase Program

·        Departmental Purchase/Officer Buyback Program

·        OTD Complete packages

·        Rifle financing


·        Coating Services


We are the one stop shop for all your Departments Rifle needs, with cost effective solutions to make you more effective.  We proudly serve those who protect with quality, value and performance in all that we build.

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Battle Rifle Co, Rifles For Your Department, December 06, 2019

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