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Criminal Justice Grants for truth verification software

Digital Voice Stress Analysis (DVSA) software is being awarded to state and local agencies through grants from the developer. Each grant is valued at $9950. One hundred systems have been set-aside for award through 2021. Nearly 1500 DVSA software grants have been awarded since 2003. We are not greedy!

Highly sophisticated voice stress analysis software has been released by Baker Group International. DVSA v6.1.2 is Credibility Assessment restricted crime control technology for law enforcement and government use only. Export is restricted by the US Government.

We offer these grants considering current agency budget restrictions and to raise system awareness within the criminal justice community. DVSA is the most significant technological advancement in credibility assessment since the invention of the old polygraph. U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, NY (AFRL) utilized E. Gary Baker’s training and quantification methods in their Phase One & Two VSA validation studies. That science along with his 46 years of conducting examinations and training examiners worldwide has demonstrated the validity of DVSA. Law enforcement professionals across the U.S. agree that no other voice stress analysis system is so fundamentally superior. We maintain the finest law enforcement and government references.

Voice Stress Analyzer
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