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Ice Rescue...Is Your Department Prepared?

K&K Products,LLC is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of ICE RESCUE SLED

Worcester - Massachusetts, November 15, 2017

With 600 lbs. of flotation and weighing only 88 lbs., ICE RESCUE SLED provides the rescuer with a stable work platform while allowing movement over ice too thin to walk on. After reaching the victim the shore crew retrieves the unit. This allows the rescuer to concentrate on gentle victim handling instead of struggling back to shore risking further injury to the hypothermic victim all the while your rescuer remains in a position of control.

K&K Rescue carries a complete line of ice/water and technical rescue equipment. Please vist our web site  where we offer complete packages with Ice Rescue Suits from Stearns and Survitec and Line Tender Kits set up with carabiners and packed with floating water rescue line from Sterling Rope.

Whether you are adding additional equipment or building your team from the ground up, give us a call. Let's discuss your department's needs and put together a package that works in your response area. We look forward to serving you.


K&K Products, LLC