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LaserSoft QuickMap 3D for iOS Now Available

Centennial - Colorado, April 17, 2018

Map a Scene on an iPad!

QuickMap 3D (QM3D) field data collection software gives investigators the flexibility needed for effective crash and crime scene mapping. This program was specifically designed to be easy to operate so more time can be spent mapping rather than training. QuickMap 3D for iOS will join its partner on Android to complete Laser Technology’s crash and crime mapping suite for smart devices. Reconstructionist pros will continue to enjoy the simplicity of LTI’s original QuickMap with new features, cable-free data transfer, improved workflow on a larger display and built-in help.
Program Features
  •  Automatic Bluetooth laser connection
  •  Cable-free installation and cable-free data transfer (no more syncing)
  •  Improved overall workflow optimized for a larger display
  •  Three mapping methods - Radial with Angle, Range Triangulation or Baseline Offset
  •  Map point, line, spline, area and car feature types
  •  Include Photos with Measurement Data
  •  Review and edit points and features at any time
  •  Field access to built-in help at any time
  •  Multiple report formats compatible with any CAD program
  •  Automatic updates distributed via the App Store


Achieve Field-to-Courtroom Synergy
LTI offers diverse laser options to fit any situation. To achieve longer range and superb target acquisition for crash scene mapping, choose the TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder. Want to add speed measurement to the range and acquisition capability of the 200X? Choose a TruSpeed Sxb. QuickMap 3D provides the field data collection portion of the mapping workflow. Complete the mapping solution with either of the two CAD diagramming programs offered by LTI – OR customers can use the diagramming program that they already have. Mapping solutions made by Laser Technology get investigators from the field to the courtroom in the least complex, most cost-effective, and most professional way than any other solution on the market.
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Candie Watkins