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Common Connectivity Problems: Difficulty Tracking & Limited Connections

Overcome common connectivity problems with the Sierra Wireless AirLinkĀ® MG90 and Mobility Manager

Baxter - Iowa, June 11, 2018

Difficulty Tracking Vehicles

If you're a fleet manager, do you ever have difficulty tracking and logging what you've tracked for each and every vehicle in your fleet? The Mach system, with which many fleet managers are familiar, utilizes a computer GPS to locate and track vehicles, but there are some obvious problems with this method.

1. Location Tracking

If the Mach system leaves the vehicle or the vehicle shuts off, tracking will cease. If the system is taken outside, it will no longer be able to accurately track the vehicle’s true location. This can make it confusing for fleet managers; they may not know for sure whether their officers are in the right location or en route to their destination. In an emergency, this can become hazardous.

2. Vehicle Health

If you’re a fleet manager, you need to keep track of the condition of each of your fleet vehicles so none of them break down when you need them. It’s important to keep up on required maintenance to ensure ongoing vehicle health. The Mach system can only offer a live map view of the computer’s location. It won’t track it’s health, however, or alert you if there’s a problem.

AirLink Mobility Manager

These problems are solved with the AirLink Mobility Manager, which allows you to manage vehicle telemetry and keep up to 90 days’ worth of logs. Effectively monitor your vehicles’ health (in real time), and schedule alerts to notify you when it's time for regular maintenance, such as an oil change. You can pull data for a number of variables, including speed, distance, engine run time, and vehicle temperature.

Track and map the routes of all the vehicles in your fleet so you always know where they are and where they’re going. If a unit gets stuck in heavy traffic, you’ll know and be able send a replacement unit to reach a scene faster.

Limited Number of Connections

Is your cellular connection currently limited to one device? If you have an ambulance that needs to link a health monitor, for example, you’ll need two separate lines if you don’t have multi-network capabilities in your vehicle.

AirLink MG90

The MG90 grants internet access for up to 128 clients within a 150–200-foot radius by providing a local hotspot. This AirLink product helps you bypass the need for a separate line. Run programs and applications on separate devices at the same time, inside or outside of the vehicle!

If either of these products sound like something you could use to improve communication with your fleet and solve your connectivity problems, give us a call to discuss upfitting your vehicles with these products. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about any of our emergency response vehicle equipment or the upfitting process.

If you want to learn more about this cutting-edge technology on your own, download our free, fun, infomercial-style ebook: Why the AirLink Line of Products Will Solve All of Your Connectivity Problems.


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