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Investigations Get Easier with Phone Number Data Available at the Fingertips of Law Enforcement

Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) helps solve investigations quickly, with limited resources

Bridgewater - NJ, February 11, 2019

Law enforcement is increasing under pressure to solve investigations quickly, with limited resources. Seemingly simple tasks—like accessing phone records—requires law enforcement to know the service provider of the phone number being investigated before they can subpoena the records, sacrificing valuable time and manpower in the process.

Nearing its one-year anniversary as a service, the nation’s official Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA), managed by iconectiv, eliminates this hurdle by allowing authorized law enforcement agencies to determine which U.S. communications service provider owns the phone number that is of interest in a criminal investigation or law-related matter. With the click of a button or a single phone call, law enforcement can identify which service provider should be subpoenaed. Available to all qualified and registered law enforcement agencies, users simply need to register for the service and renew on an annual basis.

Two levels of service are available to qualified and registered law enforcement agencies. The quickest and most efficient way to access phone data is the Enhanced Law Enforcement Platform (ELEP)—a secure, subscription-based software system which allows up to 100 numbers of interest to be uploaded at a time. The service also provides a full porting history of that number across networks, as well as its current provider and the relevant contact details.

The second level of service—IVR—is a free Interactive Voice Response service which can handle up to 20 look-ups in a single phone call. For each number, the system provides the name of the relevant service provider as well as the correct contact point within that organization.

More information about LNPA for law enforcement can be found here. Renewal information will automatically be provided by email to all registered users prior to their one-year anniversary of registering with the service.


Sharon Oddy