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RescueONE® brand First Responder Boats Announces FLOODFighter X4™ System Multiplies Life Saving Potential in Flood Response

Southside - Alabama, June 18, 2019

MarineONE Corporation, the creator of RescueONE® brand affordable boats and accessories designed specifically for water responders, announces a revolutionary new product for flood response.


The new system - called FLOODFighter X4™ - is a single trailer equipped with four lightweight aluminum boats which are easily handled by two responders and connect together in seven different configurations to form a stable platform which is 8, 12 or 16 feet wide, maximizing stability and load carrying potential.  The system can be used by two responders to safely transport up to 12 victims in one trip.


Many agencies tend to choose inflatables for theses application, but RescueONE® chose aluminum because it is far more resistant to puncture, is half the weight of inflatables AND most importantly has a virtually unlimited service life.


“Thousands of hours of research and hundreds of conversations with veteran flood responders drove the design of this solution and the responses to it have been very encouraging.  Many have said it is the ultimate flood response tool.” Said Tony Lumpkin, founder of RescueONE®   “We are proud of the fact that it is responder friendly and we have kept it surprisingly affordable.”, he added.



Options requested by many responders are offered as well.  Wash down decontamination system, adjustable LED scene lighting are available for the trailer and fold down wheels for the rear of the boats are optional.  


RescueONE® brand innovative and affordable water response products have been available to responders worldwide for over 26 years. The fleet consists of the new 3rd Generation Connector Boat®, innovative and affordable inflatables, larger 21’ and 25’ boat models, fireboats, VictimLIFT™ system, TWINTransport™ trailers and now the FLOODFighter X4™


FLOODFighter X4™ Video<


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