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MSI Mid State Instruments LLC provides the solution for all infrared camera and gas detection needs

San Luis Obispo - CALIFORNIA, November 11, 2019

Infrared allows us to see what our eyes cannot, specifically heat. Being able to see heat is extremely important in multiple areas of the industrial world because heat anomalies can indicate problems. Through thermal technology, potential failures and future disasters can be avoided or contained by allowing the user to find the source of the issue quickly. This is where MSI Mid-State Instruments LLC can help.

Mid-State Instruments is a leading thermal imaging distributor in the United States. With over 30 years of technical experience, MSI provides customers with a dependable solution to all infrared and gas detection needs. We work side by side with top manufactures, including FLIR and Honeywell, to provide the best portable and fixed infrared cameras on the market. We are Gold Plus FLIR distributors as well as Honeywell Premium distributors which allows us to offer the best pricing. We also offer hazmat and gas detection products from companies such as Draeger, RAE, Honeywell, RKI, B.W., GMI, and Kitagawa. The products we provide are game changers. In any industry, thermal imaging cameras are vital in improving manufacturing efficiencies, preventing machinery failure, bettering product quality, and enhancing worker safety. They also are immensely beneficial when it comes to natural disasters.

As residents of California, we are no strangers to risks of fire. The FLIR thermal imaging cameras (TIC) allow firefighters to see through smoke and monitor the spread to better locate hot spots and save lives. We also offer fixed fire units that warrant fire protection through 24-hour flame and fire monitoring. MSI not only provides these cameras but also offers online webinar trainings tailored for your time. These trainings are beneficial for fire departments and will ensure that firefighters will be prepared when it matters most.  

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Darryl Mendivil