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JMac Consulting Group introducing Officer-Involved Shooting Investigative Training

OIS Training Classes & Seminars

Las Vegas - Nevada, December 02, 2019

Mission Statement:

JMac Consulting was established because of the essential need for law enforcement agencies to have the investigative tools necessary to be able to conduct thorough, unbiased, fact-based investigations, whether criminal or administrative, following an incident in which one of its members uses deadly force while acting within the scope of professional duties, or other events in which an officer or citizen is killed or sustains substantial bodily injury during a police operation. The transparency of such investigations is crucial in helping mitigate perceived deception and bias, and helps bridge any gaps between law enforcement agencies and the citizens in which they serve. 

Why Us?

Because with over 25 years of law enforcement experience and oversight of 75 officer-involved shooting investigations, Jerry MacDonald, founder of JMac Consulting, brings unique insight, experience, and passion to a highly critical and ever-evolving niche of law enforcement investigations.

"OIS investigations are the most critical investigations any agency, large or small, can do and they must be done correctly!"


Jerry A. MacDonald
(702) 303-6541