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Covid 19 Response By Battle Rifle Company

Providing Essential Services For Law Enforcement

Houston - TX, March 23, 2020

COVID 19 Information from Battle Rifle Company 

The global outbreak of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, continues to evolve and disrupt many aspects of our daily lives. This is a difficult and uncertain time, and our first concern is for our employees, you and your families. We hope you are all safe and taking precautions to stay that way. 


As such, Battle Rifle Company will provide “Essential and Necessary Services” to our Law Enforcement and Government Agencies through this crisis.  We will be available during the hours of 10am to 5pm Monday through Saturday, where we will be providing the following services:


• Continued production of firearms for Law enforcement

• Repair and upgrade firearms for law enforcement

• Sales of firearms for our community

• Service and repair of firearms for our community

• Sales of ammunition for both law enforcement and the community

• Shipping of firearms and accessories both domestically and internationally


In order to facilitate the timely delivery of essential goods to our customers, at our Pro Shop location we will be imposing the following measures:


• Handgun ammunition will be limited to 50 rounds of each caliber purchased

• Rifle ammunition will be limited to 60 rounds per caliber purchased

• Shotgun rounds will be limited to 20 rounds per caliber purchased

• All guests in our showroom will be required to wash their hands prior to handling any firearms or accessories

 • All sales personnel will be gloved during the workday in contact with our guests

• A limit of no more than 10 people at a time in the store


Our Law Enforcement and our community customers are our concern. Please know that we are working very hard to fulfill all the demands that are being made.  At this time we will not be doing any coatings of firearms until such time as there is no longer a concern with the virus, as not to increase the use of respiratory supplies


We ask that if you are feeling sick, please stay home.  We are asking that if you are coming to visit us, that you limit your visit to no more than 2 in a group, and that if you have small children, please refrain from bringing them into the shop to avoid any chance to expose them.