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Golden - Colorado, April 15, 2020

ERMAPS is now waiving all 911 GIS Data evaluations for new customers!!

Ermaps is a leading provider of Public Safety GIS Industry Solutions. … the daily challenge for continually achieving public safety grade GIS data for use in the accuracy and Maintenance of the GIS data.  Making the transition from a Legacy, tabular Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) to a NENA Compliant Addressing system with geographic data-based MSAG or spatialMSAG™ can be accomplished through a tested and proven six-step process to help meet the strict requirements of any 9-1-1 environment.

This process has proven to reduce complexity and the risks associated with this substantial shift in 9-1-1 systems.

First, your data needs to be evaluated, helping you make the transition from a legacy (tabular) MSAG to a geographic data-based MSAG – or spatialMSAG.
research how to build and/or enhance and, ultimately, maintain your GIS database.

Once your GIS database is built, it must be CLEANSED and validated to ensure it is accurate and fits requirements.

Going live is the reward for successful completion of the Assessment, Planning, Collection and Cleansing steps.

MAINTENANCE is an essential, ongoing process that includes continual data collection for new addresses, roads and boundary changes to ensure you maintain a comprehensive and accurate database.


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