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AFG FY 2020: MagneGrip Offers Grant Assistance for Exhaust Removal Systems

What can you do to remove 100% of diesel exhaust?

Cincinnati - OH, January 06, 2021

Numerous studies have proven the link between firefighting and cancer. MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems eliminate the threat of cancer exposure in the firehouse by removing dangerous exhaust emissions. MagneGrip systems are 100% effective because they capture exhaust fumes at the tailpipe before they escape into the air.

Get FREE Grant Assistance Now

For Fire/EMS departments needing a vehicle exhaust removal system, MagneGrip Group offers free grant assistance through The program offers expert grant assistance, grant alerts (local, state and national), grant writing training, grant narrative review as well as optional grant writing at a 50% discount. For assistance, go to or call 800-875-5440. You will be assisted until a grant is found, improving your chances for funding a exhaust removal system.

What can you do to remove 100% of diesel exhaust?

Diesel exhaust emissions spread toxic gases and soot particles throughout a firehouse anytime a diesel-fueled engine is operated. Ultrafine particulate can penetrate deep into the lung and is absorbed through the skin, carrying toxins into the bloodstream. Exposure to this type of pollution greatly increases your risk for cancer, and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

The World Health Organization classifies diesel exhaust as “a known carcinogen.” Numerous medical studies point to firefighters’ higher rates than the general public for several cancers and other debilitating diseases.

Get the Best Protection

Of the different types of exhaust removal and filtration, only one captures and removes 100 percent of harmful gases and particulate from your firehouse—that is a “source capture system that connects directly to the motor vehicle exhaust system.” (International Mechanical Code)

NFPA Standard 1500 advocates, “the need for the elimination and containment of all vehicle exhaust emissions to a level of no less than 100 percent effective capture. This complies with NIOSH’s requirement to reduce emissions to the lowest feasible level to limit impact on human life.”

NFPA, NIOSH and other U.S. government agencies support aggressive techniques to limit exposure to these debilitating toxins. A source-capture system is the only strategy that is 100 percent effective in removing exhaust contaminants before a building’s occupants are exposed. Equipment should also be considered for living quarters, turnout gear rooms and other spaces to fully protect indoor air quality.

Get the Right System

For the most effective exhaust removal, NFPA says “to connect a hose (to the exhaust pipes of all vehicles) that ventilates exhaust to the outside.” MagneGrip’s exhaust removal equipment is 100 percent effective.

One of the most important innovations in exhaust removal design was developed by MagneGrip Group. Its patented nozzle uses rare-earth magnet assemblies to support the nozzle’s connection. This unique design provides an airtight seal, while also allowing ambient air to enter and cool the exhaust discharge. MagneGrip is the only 100 percent sealed magnetic system available.

Today, MagneGrip systems are the first choice of U.S. fire departments—having been proven in thousands of installations nationwide.

MagneGrip has more exhaust removal solutions than any other company. This ensures that you will be getting the right system for the specific needs of your firehouse. And the systems are installed by a nationwide team of skilled service technicians for guaranteed satisfaction.

MagneGrip systems are easy to use. System operation is fully automatic and does not reduce response time. On emergency runs, the nozzle remains attached to the apparatus until it reaches the doorway. Then it automatically releases. The nozzle disconnects smoothly, and a cable gently retracts the hose and nozzle away from the exit.

Get the Newest Technology

MagneGrip continues to innovate and bring new enhancements to its exhaust removal systems:

High Temperature Hose designed to withstand higher vehicle exhaust temperatures. The lower two feet of hose is rated to 1,000° F.

On-board Transmitter automatically starts the exhaust fan before the engine starts and prior to the apparatus reentering the facility.

Inline Particulate Filter in the system’s ductwork captures exhaust particulates before exhausting the fumes outside.

Exhaust Fans designed solely for exhaust removal. Spark-resistant, curved blades deliver the highest efficiency.

90-degree Lifting Elbow eliminates hose pinching, twisting and sliding that occur with old-style rubber saddles and restrict airflow.

Support Cable inside the hose transfers weight to the lifting elbow and balancer to eliminate hose stretching. The cable connects to the nozzle at the lower end to ensure easy release.

Made in America

MagneGrip Exhaust Removal Systems are completely (100 percent) manufactured in the U.S.A. Competitive systems are often the products of foreign companies and are manufactured outside the U.S.

For more information call 800-875-5440, email or visit A full-color brochure and a video DVD demo


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