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Celayix, Inc. Releases eBook on Artificial Intelligence

Celayix, Inc. is offering a free eBook on artificial intelligence and its applications in scheduling software.

Vancouver - BC, January 06, 2021

Celayix, Inc., a leader in workforce management, has released an eBook on artificial intelligence (AI). The eBook outlines what AI is, its history and development, and its applications for business growth. Celayix also details how AI is incorporated into their employee scheduling software, for powerful scheduling capabilities.

  • Best-fit employees are recommended to fill shifts. The system ranks employees based on qualifications and past shift patterns.
  • The "Verify Schedule" feature reviews the schedule and recommends improvements to shifts.
  • The "Find Replacement" feature helps find the best replacement for a shift that is open due to no-shows or sick calls. 

Captain Gainey of the Alachua County Sheriff's Office, who uses Celayix for scheduling, says: "Celayix is a well-defined workforce management solution because it allows users to build employees easily months a head of time, and know who the available staff are for a given shift, according to my pre-defined skill sets required for proper shift coverage."

To date, hundred of organizations use Celayix's AI-based scheduling software, reducing their scheduling time by 95% and eliminating all overtime costs. 

About Celayix Inc. 

Celayix, Inc. is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with a regional office in Seattle, WA. Since 2000, Celayix has been delivering best-in-class employee scheduling software and workforce management solutions to a wide range of industries. 

A leading provider in employee scheduling, time and attendance, and employee communication software, they are committed to working with clients to deliver the most effective and cost-competitve solutions to meet their workforce management needs.



Celayix - Solutions Team