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Fast and Accurate Temperature Scanner EPICUS-TS

Maintain A Safe & Healthy Environment For Employees, Visitors, Staff, or Students

Madisonville - LA, January 11, 2021

Stop the Bottleneck at the Door with the Epicus-TS No-Contact Temperature Scanner Tablet. 

Temperature scan staff and visitors in 300 ms per person at a range of up to 5 feet as they walk by at a regular pace.

With full-face thermal imaging the Epicus-TS can detect if the user is wearing a mask and can audibly instruct them to do so, “Please wear a mask.”

The Epicus-TS has an accuracy of +/-0.6°F and can lower staffing costs by eliminating the need for in-person monitors.

With optional software, get real-time text and email alerts if a person has an elevated temperature or has entered the area without a mask.

The Epicus-TS is plug-and-play so there is no need for time consuming setup.

Keep your building safe with the easy to use Epiucs-TS temperature scanner. 

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(Volume discounts available for healthcare, education and government)


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