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New Programs and Pricing on Preparedness Book and eBook Means More Funding for You

Volunteers, groups and individuals can earn more money with Fedhealth fundraisers + help the public get more prepared for emergencies and disasters

Tyler - TX, January 11, 2021

Fedhealth, an independent publisher, announced it has modified their pricing and is expanding the fundraising programs associated with their preparedness and first aid manual and PDF ebook.

With the economic and health related turmoil this past year freight costs have risen and, since Fedhealth’s book price includes freight in CONUS, the new bulk price is now $5 U.S. each delivered (was $4.50 but still almost 70% off $14.99 list.)

The paperback can still be customized for free – either with labels on standard red books (10+ copies) or personalized in the print process in large volume – with local plans, COVID-19 or other specific messaging, evacuation maps, shelter locations, emergency ph#s, grant or sponsorship data and more.

Fedhealth is also changing the price on their 284-page interactive PDF ebook to $5 each and bulk orders are customized for free and can be discounted as low as $2 each.

Although price increases are never fun, in this case it is good news for volunteers, nonprofits, schools, faith-based groups and individuals since there is more money available for fundraisers.

A new Affiliate Program along with the easy Referral program and traditional fundraiser allows groups and people to earn 15% or 30% (or more) of book or ebook orders, plus proceeds benefit the U.S. First Responders Association.

Since 1999 many agencies, businesses and organizations have used IT'S A DISASTER! as public education materials for communities since the book (and ebook) explains what people should think about and do before, during and after most types of emergencies and disasters, as well as how to administer basic first aid.

But due to many states’ rigid lockdowns, first responders' and disaster education groups' campaigns and fundraising events have been canceled or postponed indefinitely for now.

“Everyone has been impacted drastically this past year so we wanted to do something to help our industry partners, agencies and volunteers, and expanding our fundraisers was a great way to give back to them and help their on-going efforts,” said Fedhealth President and CEO Bill Liebsch. “And the custom ebook option allows public safety educators, companies and groups the ability to provide a preparedness and first aid resource electronically to help their staff, customers and communities get more prepared.”

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