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Chilean Navy upgrades helicopter fleet and equips with Rhotheta Direction Finders

Ft Lauderdale - Florida, March 30, 2021

The Chilean Navy is upgrading their helicopters to the Airbus H125 platform under the “Gaviota Project”. The H125s are replacing the Bell 206 Jet Ranger (UH-57) platforms in service since the 1970s and will be relied on for search and rescue (SAR), medical evacuation, maritime police, passenger transport, and logistic support. For this upgrade, the Chilean Navy needed state-of-the-art mission equipment that would assist them for years to come. All H125s are being outfitted with the Rhotheta RT-600 radio direction finder system which has a proven performance record with search-and-rescue and public safety agencies and organizations worldwide.

The new H125 helicopters are being equipped with Rhotheta’s third-generation airborne radio direction finder systems. The RT-600 is an advanced wideband radio direction finder system for airborne applications capable of capturing and indicating directions to any source of an emergency signal on VHF, UHF, all nineteen 406 MHz COSPAS-SARSAT frequencies, and all 88 maritime channels. This will greatly assist the Chilean Navy with its search and rescue (SAR) operations by enhancing their capabilities to find persons, ships, or other craft which are, or are feared to be, in distress or imminent danger. The RT-600 is extremely compact and robust and features a short response time due to high antenna rotation frequency. The RT-600 has been depended upon by the United States Airforce Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol for 20+ years, and by US law enforcement agencies for over a decade.


Michael Linder