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WallHound-Pro Detects and Deters Wireless Threats From All Sources

Wireless threat detection for any electronics that include cellular, WiFi, BT, BLE as well as any 2.4 and 5 GHz signals

Metuchen - New Jersey, April 08, 2021

WallHound-Pro™ detects and deters visitors and staff from using any PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) including cellular, wi-fi, bluetooth or BLE devices or wearables in secure areas. It works by detecting all nearby wireless devices and activity and alerting security personnel with color-coded flashing and audible alerts. Audio alerts indicate the type of device detected even allowing users to choose between male or female voice alerts. Visual and audio alerts not only serve as a deterrent or reminder to visitors but also identify potential wireless threats by signal strength, timestamp, and other vital parameters.

As tiny wireless devices continue to permeate all aspects of life, these devices can be used to violate privacy and security either unknowingly or surreptitously. Secure law enforcement, military and government facilities must not only detect and locate such devices but also remind all staff and visitors about strict security protocol. WallHound-Pro frees up security personnel for more pressing duties and reminds visitors and staff that wireless devices pose a true security threat making it ideal for government SCIFs, military checkpoints, correctional facilities, court rooms, border security, critical infrastructure and anywhere that wireless devices can threaten security for everyone.

WallHound-Pro is completely self-contained and includes a physical key and passcode touchscreen interface for tamper-resistant settings and control over all parameters. The unit is regularly AC powered but contains a backup battery allowing it to run for hours without being plugged in. WallHound-Pro supports mounting on any wall or an optional stanchion mount for impromptu security checkpoints. In addition, the unit supports optional direction finding antennas for pinpointing contraband devices down long corridors without triggering alerts from areas where such device use may be permitted.

WallHound-Pro is available now for $3995 directly from Berkeley Varitronics Systems at


Craig Schober