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Affordable Full Panel Forensic Testing Nationwide

Fastest Labs of Glendale and Paladina International Join Forces

Glendale - AZ, June 09, 2023

Fastest Labs of Glendale has partnered with Paladina International in offering affordable full panel forensic testing to Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Medical Examiners/Coroners nationwide who have budget constraints but still need fool proof, quality forensic results. 

This partnership was born from the owner of Paladina International in seeing how most law enforcement was not aware of how tests without full forensic modalities could give false results and keep dangerous criminals free to cause more harm and even death.  The owner, Christine Padovan worked closely with victims, survivors and law enforcement across the country in learning about the frustrations in citizens having to pay for high priced forensic testing to prove their own cases, and the frustration of law enforcement in not getting cooperation or permission in being able to use high quality but expensive forensic testing sites.

It was also seen how most law enforcement agencies do not have up to date toxicology training in spotting toxicity symptoms in themselves or a victim, how to safely detoxify from toxicity and how to properly test themselves for toxins if a doctor was not helping to resolve health issues.  The lack of information and education on current criminal use of nano technology for law enforcement also needed to be addressed.

Thus, the partnership with Fastest Labs of Glendale to address these issues:

All tests use Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry methods to bypass nano technology used by many current criminal minds to hide toxins and other substances from being seen in non-forensic lab tests and getting away with crime.

All tests are way below the cost of a private forensic lab and are admissible in any court of law.  Personal toxicity testing (for human or animal) for public servants and private citizens is also available with full GC/MS methods in all tests and at affordable rates.

Insurance coverage and Care Credit payment plans being accepted by end of first quarter 2023.

If you need any additional information or to order tests, call our technicians at Fastest Labs of Glendale at 1-877-857-9238. Or email your request to

For more information on employee toxicity testing, safe detoxification methods and toxicology consults, educational seminars/webinars with up to date information, contact Paladina International at 1-888-307-6780 or email or visit


Kenya Stefani / Christine Padovan