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New School Active Shooter and Critical Event Unified Command Response Module by Tassta Americas

Send audio, video and GPS locations to First Responders and the assigned 911 Command Center through our RapidSOS integration.

Miramar - Florida, March 27, 2024

Tassta Americas has deployed this system in multiple school systems throughout the United States many of which have been paid for with 100% Federal Funding. The system is RapidSOS Ready, First Net Certified and meets NFPA 3000 standards as well as Alyssa’s Laws throughout the country.

“This is not a standard solution but a methodology that allows the First Responders to do their job swiftly, accurately with the minimization of loss of life. There is no other comparable software in the market with our capabilities. The benefit of our solution is that it can be used for day to day communications making the system second nature during critical events.” says Tim Brown a 30 year retired police officer and VP Public Safety with TASSTA Americas.

During the engineering of the solution we looked at Standards. With security at the front we certified with FirstNet and made sure it works on any Android, Apple and Windows device, finally we made sure to test it with Satellite communications in antiptication of the technology moving in that direction.

Highlights of the solution allow for First Responders to communicate over their two way radios from their cell phones allowing communications outside the range of repeaters and from within buildings with poor radio coverage. The solution also allows for Police, Fire and School Staff to be on a single system but with the right settings keeping communications secure and independent for each agency during normal operation. This ensures compliance with FERPA and CJIS standards.

In the event that a threat or incident arises in the school campus both teachers and staff in a school building have access to a panic button. When activated this sends audio, video and GPS locations in sub second time to first responders and the 911 Center through our RapidSOS integration. Mutual Aid Responding Units can be provided access instantly simply by dialing in a phone number ensuring all responders have the ability to communicate during the different phases of the critical event. 911 Call information can be streamed live to police responders for the most up to date real time information.

Training recommends that once a lockdown occurs, the Unified Command sends silent messaging to each classroom looking for injury status. These locations are recorded at the Command Center where immediate planning takes place for rescues. At the option of the local agency, the system can allow the Unified Command Center to remotely activate the audio and video on any device when a staff member is not responding. This allows First Responders to clearly see through doors and walls with real time critical information.

Carlos Fernandez, CEO with TASSTA Americas, ¨During the Implementation and design phases, we sought guidance from the men and women with boots on the ground and created a program with enough flexibility to meet the different local needs¨.

About TASSTA Americas:
TASSTA Americas is in charge of commercialization of all TASSTA products and solutions in the Americas regions, Spain and Portugal. With local sales, presales, engineering and customer support capabilities we service our customers when deploying their broadband based mission critical push-to-talk solutions. With Headquarters in Florida and presence in Brazil, Argentina and Spain we support partners and customers in virtually every country of our regions of influence. Our partners are highly skilled engineering companies with background in the commercial and Public Safety radio communications market segments that are now helping their local customers understand the new technologies and migrate from traditional radio networks such as Analog, TETRA, P25 or DMR to broadband based solutions.

As part of the TASSTA ecosystem of companies we benefit from the most advanced software for mission critical push-to-talk communications on the global market that ensures workers’ safety, uninterrupted communications as well as secures critical business operations.


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