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  • RT-600-L RDF: Helping Airborne Public Safety Find Its Targets

    The RT-600-L is a multirole radio direction finder designed for SAR and public safety ops on manned aircraft and UAVs. It detects, decodes and tracks V-UHF radio signals from 118MHz to 470MHz, LoJack, ETS, and COSPAS-SARSAT emitters (ELT,PLB, EPIRB). 

    Small form factor, DO160, 4.4lbs DF sensor consisting of an antenna unit (AU) with built-in DF switching, wideband V/UHF receiver and CPU electronics. The AU is remotely operated from a 3.3in DCU or from a digital mapping system.

    Rhotheta International
    Phone: 954/495-8700


    Posted: 09/11/2019